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Join us on Thursday, October 14th at 7pm as the Alcazar Sessions: Backstage Pass Singer/Songwriter series begins again with Jena Douglas  and Hot D.A.M!


Jena will be sharing new songs coming out on an album to be released in November "Hook Your Chin To A Star!" - Jena will tell Mamaw's stories in between songs about her journey from the green hills of Kentucky to the desert of Arizona and then finally this tourist town by the ocean, Santa Barbara.
Jena will also back up the rest of Hot D.A.M!  as they play their songs filled with stories of passion and fun!

Although, Hot D.A.M! is a newly formed acoustic trio, they are far from new in the Santa Barbara songwriting scene. 

Douglas is a native of Santa Barbara and has been writing, performing and recording songs since the 1980s. She calls her music “Power Ballads”  because of the influence of rock operas! Her voice has been compared to Linda Ronstadt and Joni Mitchell butJenaDouglas is excited to back up Mark and Mary with bass and harmonies in their new band: Hot D.A.M!   

Alciati is an active member of the Santa Barbara song-writer community. He calls his style “Modern folk with attitude”. His original songs are heavily influenced by the blues but also pay homage to Americana, often with humor and fun mixed in the works! Mark is happy to work with two women who already have songs worked out so it was easy to add a third harmony and some tasteful guitar and mandolin lead playing. 

Madden began playing piano at age 9 and has her roots in classical music. Over the years she has become a multi instrumentalist and enjoys playing guitar, banjo and mandolin.  She is recent to the songwriting scene but her musical background gives her an edge to writing songs that are interesting, fun and tend to lean towards blues and jazz.  Mary and Jena have been performing together as The Whiskey Gals but was pleased to have Mark come in to add more texture to their already smooth vocal and musical style.

Together they are, Hot D.A.M!  HOT on songs, HOT on harmonies!

Doors Open: 6:30 pm
Show: 7:00 pm
Tickets: $15